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3D Snow White Plus Glutathione 50000 (Usa) For Bright And Smooth Skin. Not Ably Smooth The Skin Skin Brightening Yao Shine During Invites Obsessions Impressive. It Is A Skin Care Treatment For Men And Women And Is The Most Complete Skin Care Method. Leaves You To Stand Up In Front Of The Crowd To The True Identity Of The Sexes. Glutathione Transfer 3d White From Usa With A True Transfer Of Glutathione A Full 50,000 Mg. You Will Feel The Smoothness Of The Skin, Now Just The First. See The Changes Within Few Weeks. With Glutathione Thousand Grams Incorporating Stem Cells Slows Aging Wrinkle See Immediate Results, Do Not Miss It.

Glutathione Works In A Very Simple Way, Yet Other Skin Whitening Products Can’t Compete With The All-Natural Amino Acid Compound. Simply Put, Glutathione Works To Clear The Body Of Free Radicals And Toxins That Can Lead To Serious Skin Problems Like Hyper Pigmentation And Melasma, As Well As More Common Ones Like Sun Spots. Intravenous Injection Or Hip Muscles For 1 Time Per Week To Be Effective.

- Glutathione.
- Vitamin C.
- Vitamin E.

Skin Whitening.
Removes Scars And Blemishes.
Tones The Skin.
Even Tone Skin.
Not Suitable For:
Pregnant Woman And Breastfeeding.
Injection On Women Period.
Allergy To Vitamin (Any Kind).
Patient With Cardiovascular Problem.

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