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Glutax Pro Platinum Is The Product Of Injection Q10 Whitening Home Country Of Origin Italy With CAP OFF GMP Label On The Vial Cap That Is A Hallmark Of The Original Product Glutax Now Been Equipped With Pro Coenzyme Q10 . Q10 Glutax Useful As Skin Whitening , Skin Smoothing , Anti- Aging , As Well As The Best Benefit Of Others.

Glutax Indeed Very Famous Brand With Guaranteed Product Quality Whitening Injection. Latest GLUTAX Has Released A Shot That Surpasses All Your Skin Problems Quickly & Efficiently. Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum Whitening Useful As Skin Whitening, Skin Smoothing, Anti- Aging, As Well As The Best Benefit Of Others. Coenzyme Q10 (Coq10) Is An Enzyme Of The Best In Keeping The Skin From Aging. These Enzymes Also Energize Your Body & Prevent Heart Attacks. Now, A Fairer And Whiter, Pimple And Acne Free Complexion Can Be Yours! Your Beauty Is In Your Hands, Do Not Wait More, Feel And See The Difference In 4 Week! A Smoother, Clearer, Flawless, Younger, And Whiter Skin Within, From Inside-Out. Whiten The Skin Faster And Faster, Glutathione Content Of The Highest In The Market. See The Difference After The First Injection. The Results Depend On Individual Metabolism.

6 vials, 5 ml.
Ascorbic Acid ……………. 1500 mg
Extracted Collagen ………. 350 mg

6 ampules, 2 ml.
Pro-coenzyme Q10 ………. 500 mg

6 ampules
Glutathione ……………… 5000 mg
Alpha-lipoic Acid ………… 200 mg

- Skin Lightening.
- Anti- Aging Undercover Twitch Due To Aging.
- Antioxidants.
- Smooth Skin.
- Brighten And Provide Nutrients For The Skin.

6 Sets (12 Ampoules + 6 Vials) 

- Pregnant Women And Breast-Feeding
- During Menstrual Periods Of Women
- Allergy To Vitamins Of Any Kind
- Patients With Cardiovascular Problems

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