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Rosehip grows naturally in the mountains of Chile, Argentina and Africa continent. Cold-pressed Rosehip oil (Ecocert Organic Certify) from organic farming is also known as Virgin Organic, it has not been chemically treated or refined.

SKINPLANTS Rosehip Oil grade organic rich in vitamin C,.
The cold-extraction process Cold Pressed Organic (Virgin) to maintain the value of vital nutrients in its entirety.  Enriched with Vitamin E, pure natural extracts. As well as a powerful combination of Rose Hip Oil. For reconstruction and repair of skin tissue Reduce wrinkles Skin marks Scars Soft and faded It also helps to neutralize free radicals. Protect your skin from dryness and UV rays make skin look younger. Skin color consistency Available for both the face and body.

✔ Natural Vitamin E pure nature. Adds moisture without leaving a residue.
✔ Bio - Flavonoids are natural substances in Rosehip Oil helps neutralize free radicals that cause bad skin. Protect the skin and create new wrinkles.
✔ Natural Vitamin C from Rosehip Oil Corporation. Vitamin C is a natural The highly concentrated Improves skin radiance Color uniform And reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin quickly.
✔ Natural Vitamin A to keep skin moist, not dry. It also reduces the appearance of dark spots to fade.
✔ Omega 3, 6 and 9 in Rosehip Oil helps strengthen and maintain youthful skin.

Rosa Moschata (Rosehip) Seed Oil ,
Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E)

✔ Help regenerate skin cells and repair the damaged skin tissue.
✔ Antioxidant Make skin look younger
✔ Help slow the skin aging. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, crow's feet, wrinkles first.
✔ Stimulate the creation of new skin cells and collagen elastin, the skin is firmer.
✔ Help balance the oil production on the skin. Keep skin healthy
✔ Help prevent and reduce stretch marks and pregnancy belly calf skin and a reduction or expansion.
✔ Reduce scars, acne scars, burns and skin clear E. Lee Su hard to soft and elastic skin.
✔ Maintains flexibility Cause skin moist fluffy relieve skin dehydration.
✔ Reduce black spots Redness of acne treatment Toning and skin whitening. Always smooth and natural.
✔ Reduce and prevent broken capillaries. Especially in areas with fragile skin.
✔ Help soothe and refresh skin. Burnt after the sun rays UV.

After cleansing, apply oil to the entire area. (Leave the area where the wound is fresh) is available every day - morning and evening.

30 ml.

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