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TheraFill™ is injectable atelocollagen dermal filler for correction of facial lines, wrinkles, folds, aesthetic augmentation, and enhancing the appearance of the lips. TheraFill™ replaces the damaged and depleted collagen by restoring the structure beneath the skin's surface with a soft cohesive network of finely purified and concentrated atelocollagen. TheaFill™ induces valid retention of hyaluronic acid and elastin fibers effectively for volume recovery and optimal elasticity.

TheraFill is biocollagen dermal filler manufactured by the Company's patented
technology. It is CE approved, sterile device composed of highly purified atelocollagen
dispersed in phosphate-buffered physiological saline, and filled in 1ml syringe,
used for correction of wrinkles, nasolabial folds, scars and other soft tissue defects.
The porcine based atelocollagen is much safer and no risky for BSE, unlike other
collagen injections which is made from bovine protein. Because it is structurally
similar to human collagen, this product does not require skin testing.

TheraFill Atelocollagen Filler shows minimal antigen reaction because of the lack of
telopeptides by treatment with pepsin. It is made of porcine collagen (from piglets),
not bovine collagen. Atelocollagen shows excellent properties for implantation in human body because porcine collagen is structurally similar to human collagen.

- Primary choice filler for dermal structure
- Retaining elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid
- Activating fibroblasts and fat cells

- Implanted TheraFill maintains collagen mass which replaced by normal surrounding tissue
- Providing stable scaffolding structure
- Inducing cell migration with enriched sites for adherent cells
- Optimizing cell conduction into the scaffold
- Advancing remodeling phase
- Promoting fat cell viabilities
- Ideal biocompatibilities
- No risk for BSE
- No skin test required
- No antigenicity
- Less side effects ( erythema, swelling )

Folds, Wrinkles, Facial augmentation Nasolabial folds, Forehead line, Glabella frown, Periorbital line, Marionette line, Lip contouring, Lip augmentation, Acne scar, Wound scar, Ameliorating skin atrophy and solar aging, Facial augmentation, Supporting fat implantation

TheraFill™ BioCollagen: 301, 601

(1) Attach the injection needle to the Luer-Lock adapter of the syringe.
(2) Infuse the adequate amount of the solution intradermically.
(3) Inject collagen solution into the middle of dermis or underneath papillary dermis giving accurate and continuous pressure.

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